Aayush Homam

Ayush Homa or Ayush homam is performed to appease the God of life (Ayur Devatha). It is a special fire ritual, which if done on the Birth Star (Nakshatra) day of a person, will bless him or her with health and longevity. It will help remove almost all the obstacles standing in the way of good health of the person, blessing him or her with the necessary physical and mental stamina to fight the world.

The word Ayusha means Age and so the performer of this homa gets blessings for long life from Ayur Devatha. The homa is also recommended to those suffering from prolonged health ailments. The holy offerings like sandalwood, small pieces of Banyan tree, fragrant herbs and pure ghee that are offered to the sacred fire with the recitation of Mantras give out a smoke, which has medicinal properties in it. The holy smoke is believed to be a cure to all health aliments

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