Griha Pravesham is a ritual followed by all Hindus. On this day the owners and family members enter the new house at an auspicious time. The ritual is done to drive away any ill effects of planets or any evil force. There are some important pujas or Homas conducted on that day.

Types of House warming rituals

Apoorva - The house is constructed on a newly selected land.
Sapoorva - Entering into the house after a stay abroad or elsewhere or entering into a resold house.
Dwandwah - The house is repaired or renovated due to the damage caused by natural or unnatural calamities.

Various Pujas done for good benefits

A) All gods reside in the 'Cow' so it is decorated and worshiped with flowers, turmeric and kumkum. The priest chants the mantra of Go Puja and the family people offer fruits and touches it asking for its blessings. Then the cow and calf is then taken to all rooms. If it is a flat then it is worshiped outside.

B) Another Puja is done for Threshold which is very important as it gaurds the owner and at the same time it does not permit evil forces entering the house. Here God Ganapathy, Lakshmi and Saraswathy are worshiped as they reside in the Threshold.

C) Owner enters the house-
1. First the wife should carry a pot full of water and enter the house placing her right feet.
2. Then her husband carring a photo of gods follows her.
3. The children while entering the house carries grocery that represent prosperity.
4. Finally other relatives.

D) Ganapathy Homa - Here the lord of Obstacle is evoked to remove hindrances that prevent the path for entering the house. This Homa drives all evil forces residing in the house. Ganesha smoothens the path through out the life.

E) Navagraha Homa - The word 'Griha' means planets. So our house has the influence of all 9 planets. We should appease them and get their blessings in order to get good protection from all ill effects of planets and dangers caused by our Karma.

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